Domestic Wood

The Reson, We Use Only Domestic Wood

In the manufacturing of PERR Log Houses exclusively domestic wood of longstandingly air-dried spruce and fir trunks from Germany or Austria is used. Those are felled in winter and have small annual rings.

For the manufacturing of the round log houses, we exclusively use domestic, winter-felled, specially selected and suitable spruce and fir trunks with small annual rings. We purchase them from forestry companies with sustainable management.

These strains are air-dried at least one and a half to three years and if necessary they are further dried in a drying room at low temperature. As a result, the individual tree trunks have almost the same wood moisture. Through this method, a for the field of round log block construction unusual low amount of settlements occurs.

The only exception: in terms of the glued square block planks we get the glued raw material from certified German and Austrian glued wood manufacturers.

The timbers are stacked and air dried for several years at wood storage on our company permises.

In the alpine region log houses have been built from domestic, longstandingly air-dried conifer woods already for generations. These houses are stable, they defy wind and weather and often outlast for centuries. We are convinced of the quality of traditionally manufactured log houses – and furthermore a little bit pride on our competence.