Sustainability and Environmental Protection

In a few years, sustainability and environmental protection will be the most important requirement for our quality of life besides leisure activities and nutrition. That is why it is a top priority to the company to work as environmentally friendly as possible at all levels. We are striving to constantly improve the conditions in our woodwork and to continously reform work processes.

We have already been able to implement many measures that are relevant for environmental protection and sustainable economic activity:

  • 8 forklifts with electric motor.
  • 1 company vehicle with electric motor.
  • The majority of the electricity for our woodwork in Riedering we obtain from the 475 kw strong photovoltaic system, belonging to the company.
  • Our innovative heating driven by wood chips covers the heat requirements for our buildings and drying rooms.


Summer charging station of the forklifts with electronic motor

Additional Corporate Goals in the Context of Sustainability and Environmental Protection

We also want to use electric vehicles, vans and trucks for local transport as soon as suitable vehicles are available on the market. The needed electricity should be provided by our photovoltaic system, which should be scaled up. Furthermore we want to make use of a wood gasification plant, which produces warmth and electricity. The surplus electricity is fed into the public network.

Not to forget: the wood of a disused log house is ideal as a heating material and thus flows smoothly back into the natural cycle.

If You Are Building a PERR Log House…

… You Support Sustainable Economic Activities

By building a PERR Log House, you contribute to the preservation of the forest stand in our domestic forests. If the forest is used economically, for example for the construction of a wooden house, this favours forestry and thus the development and maintenance of the tree population. You contribute to the creation of secure domestic jobs and furthermore you support the professions of foresters, forestry workers, carpenters and carpenters.

… Help Protect the Environment

Wood is a renewable resource. The wood for PERR round log houses comes exclusively from Bavarian and Swabian forestry companies with sustainable management. Wood helps us to reduce the CO2-emission. In its life cycle, a tree binds Co2 from the air. If timber is made from the tree, the carbon remains bound in it, thus CO2 cannot emitt in the atmosphere.
Our modern wooden houses are constructed to be able to win back the energy invested in the construction, when combined with suitable energy generation systems,