Square Log Houses (Square Log House) – Wooden House in Block Construction

Square Log House Either as a Residential Home, Holiday Home, Garden House or as a Log Cabin

Square Log Houses by PERR – Quality Based on Experience and Passion

For more than 30 years we have been specialized on the construction of log houses made of square logs (square log houses). This experience and expertise is visible in the quality of our log houses and log cabins.

Each single square log house is handcrafted with German precision in Riedering, Upper Bavaria. For our log houses we use spruce and fir tree logs that have been air-dried for many years. Therefore, our wooden houses are extremely stable. They are resistant in all weathers and can often outlast centuries.

We plan and deliver log houses to several countries, including Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, Denmark and many others. We provide all our log houses, including square log houses, as construction-kits but we do also construct them for you if requested.

If you have not yet decided whether you want to build a square log house or a round log house, then have a look out our round log houses.

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