Garden Log Houses Made of Round Logs or Square Logs

Tips for Your Garden Log House

What’s so Special About a Garden Log House by PERR

  • We use exclusively domestic wood, coming from Germany and Austria.
  • The trees are selected in a special manner.
  • We only use trunks of pruces and firs with small annual rings, that have been felled during winter.
  • In the bonded warehouse, the round trunks are air-dried for years. If required, they are additionally dried in the drying room.
  • In the case of round log houses, we use a method of block construction, which is traditionally and technologically optimzed and which has been passed on from generation to generation in our family-run business.
  • Our garden houses are products, made in Germany (production in Riedering, Upper Bavaria).
  • Bavarian high-quality carpentry – only trained specialists are manufacturing our wooden houses.
  • We are constantly developing the manufacturing process in a technologically advanced manner.
  • PERR garden houses are extremely durable and outlast for decades.
  • You decide: get a kit for self-construction or let your log house be delivered and assembled by our trained staff

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Garden Log Houses Made of High-Quality Round Logs

An exclusive log house is an eye-catcher for your garden and at the same time the ideal place to spend quiet moments. A garden log house made of round logs with a particularly long lifespan and its original appearance is ideal for homeowners with an own garden. The garden log house is available in different sizes and styles and is distinguished by the quality seal: Made in Germany.

Local Wood of Selected Trees

The log houses are distinguished by the seal: Made in Germany. In terms of the production of the garden log houses, only domestic woods from Germany and Austria are used. Specially selected spruce and fir trunks are used. Felled in winter the trunks with small annual rings have a particularly long lifespan and excellent quality. The wood is air-dried for years and, if necessary, it’s additionally dried in the drying room at a low temperature. Modern garden houses are manufactured in Upper Bavaria, more precisely in Riedering, by trained carpenters.

The garden houses are constructed in a traditional way. We are using round logs. The entire process is carried out with the highest level of technical perfection. Even after decades have passed, the log houses still are in a very good state. Furthermore, you can decide for yourself whether you want to assemble the delivered construction-kit yourself or whether you prefer a delivery with assembly-service.

Garden Houses for Various Purposes

No matter which specific log house you wish for your garden – we manufacture it according to your individual requirements. Tool houses for the storage of tools and garden equipment are as possible as classic garden houses. Also several party houses and party huts out of solid wood have been made by us for celebrations of all kind. You are dreaming of a sauna in your garden? In this case, you can decide for a sauna in form of a log house. We build all types of garden houses in different sizes and finishes.

Long-Lasting Log Houses in Your Garden

Traditional look, but very modern in the entire manufacturing. This is exactly what’s so special about blockhouses made of block planks. Of course, in terms of pricing, a garden log house by PERR cannot be compared with a log cabin offered in a hardware store. But also concerning the appearance and durability, those would not bear comparision with a PERR log house. Thanks to the wall thickness and the high-quality wood, the log cabin still looks very appealing even afer 20 or 30 years have passed. In addition, a log cabin can be integrated into every garden and will not go out of fashion – even in 50 years.

Stability and Quality Are Crucial Points

At PERR, all garden log houses are made of complete trunks, so that your garden house does even withstand an earthquake. The quality is assured within every step of the manufacturing process. This leads to the production of durable, sturdy and dense houses, with every component fitting very well. Disturbing holes or unintentional cracks do not occur with a garden log house by PERR.

Guarantees, That Are Provided with a Purchase

Icon: Bavarian high-quality carpentry

Bavarian high-quality carpentry

Icon: guarantee for domestic wood, felled in winter

Guarantee for domestic wood, felled in winter

Icon: air-dried wood

Air-dried for several years, for sure

Log houses by PERR offer you the benefit of a guarantee of satisfaction as well as the benefit of the excellent high-quality Bavarian carpentry. A premium-quality log house for your garden is created out of wood, which has been felled in winter and which has been air-dried for several years.

Tips for Your Garden Log House

Round Logs or Square Logs for Your Log House in the Garden

The log cabin made of square logs is certainly a design classic, which can be found in various gardens. We specialize in the construction of round log houses as well as square log houses, since each way of construction has its specific advantages. The round logs are characterized by their very special appearance and a very long lifespan.

What Does One Need to Be Aware Of, When Buying a Garden House?

Before your purchase, we recommend you to make a list of all requirements that your garden house should meet. Look for high-quality wood, that has been felled in winter and air-dried for several years. That’s the base for a long lifespan of the wood. In addition, it is advisable to choose a craftworkshop with many years of experience.

Assemble It Yourself or Get It assembled by Our Trained Staff?

With the construction-kit for garden log houses by PERR you can also construct your garden house yourself. For the clean, and straight assembly you should possess good manual skills. Furthermore you should have at least one helper. If you do not want to assemble your garden log house yourself or if you do not have time, we offer you a professional assembly service. On request we can provide you one of our experienced carpenters to help out.

Requirements for the Foundation

In order not to be disappointed, you should inform yourself about the different types of foundations for your garden house. Some tips: The foundation must be firm and absolutely flat. This is the condition for a stable standing, lasting for years. The foundation must be built frost-free and furthermore it must protrude from the ground. The construction must be protected from rising moisture and from splashing water.

Are There Building Regulations, That Have to Be Respected?

Even in your own garden you are not free to do exactly what you want. In Germany for example, in some federal states, a building permit is required depending on the size of the garden house.

Whether you need a building permit for your wooden house in the garden, can be decided based on the following points:

  • Which dimensions should your garden house have (volume)?
  • Where exactly should it be located?
  • Which rules are set by the development plan of your municipality ?

Ask us. We would be glad to help you and check whether you meet with an obstaclesin terms of the construction of your garden log house.