High-Quality Hunting Lodges and Hunting Cabins in Block Construction

Many hunters and nature lovers have the big dream of owning a hunting lodge or a hunting cabin in the forest. Log houses or houses made of block planks are particularly authentic, cosy and durable types of buildings for that purpose. Such a building made of solid wood offers a special room climate in winter as well as in warmer seasons. The hunting lodge built of square or round block planks is also very stable at the same time. Hunters and passionate hunting enthusiasts can also use their hunting lodges to spend their weekends there.

A traditional hunting lodge made of block planks cannot be assembled easily. Fortunately, on the one hand, there are special construction-kits for self-assemblyand and on the other hand there is the option to decide for a delivery including the assembly of the log house made of either square or round logs.

PERR Log Houses offers you both ways: with us, you can decide whether you get your hunting lodge delivered in form of a construction-kits for self-assembly or whether you get it delivered and assembled by us. If both, manufacturing and assembly are done by us, we guarantee a stable and durable hunting lodge, that can outlast centuries.

You can decide between a hunting lodge in block construction or a hunting cabin made of square logs. At PERR both are assembled in a durable and high-quality manner, Made in Germany.

Wooden hunting lodges are timeless buildings with a natural appearance that can outlast centuries. Deciding for a construction-kit made of air-dried wood and taking in account the durability of the building, the prices are comparably low. The assembly of the construction-kit takes only few days and the result, the ready-made hunting lodge, features an extraordinary eye-catcher.

A Construction-Kit for Hunting Lodges

We make a difference between hunting lodges and hunting cabins. The larger hunting lodges are also suitable for the usage as holiday homes. The prices for hunting lodges are a little bit higher due to that fact. With the construction of a hunting lodge, you have a higher space requirement, evidently. Building your hunting domicile with a log house construction-kit produces the benefit of a short assembly time combined with extraordinary quality by PERR.

The building arising from the construction-kit for hunting cabins is smaller and can be placed on a tiny clearing, too. The ideal dimensions do depend on the local circumstances and the customers demands for his hunting cabin. Also the desired furnishings are an important factor.

You do plan to buy a hunting cabin? You already see your hunting cabin in block construction as a domicile for hunting trips in your mind’s eye? Then call us now. We will be pleased to advise you and to plan the realisation.

The maintaining of high quality standards is of great importance during every step in the manufacturing process of a log house by PERR. For this reason we do fell all the trunks for your hunting lodge in winter and we do choose as long trunks as possible. Ideally, these do extend over the length of the whole house, are dense and earthquake-proof. That means: in case of an earthquake a hunting lodge by PERR can resist.

We do only use trunks from Bavarian and Swabian, sustainably managed forests. Due to the usage of corner halvings we create stable corner connections and intermediate connections. Even after years of usage, these cannot alter and guarantee a stable standing of your hunting lodge.

Hunting Lodges Made of Round or Square Logs

It’s widespread to construct hunting lodges and hunting cabins out of square logs. We do offer those in numerous variations, but we focus on block plank houses made of round logs.

Round log houses stand out due to their very special appearance combined with a long lifespan of the woods. That’s the reason, the usage of round logs for the construction of hunting lodges and hunting cabins is becoming more and more popular. The log thicknesses vary from 11 cm to 16 cm, to 21 cm and to 25 cm. The thickness depends on the range of application.

The solid square logs are available in a thickness between 8 cm and 24 cm. Also in this case, the thickness depends on the range of application and on the customers request, for sure.

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Guarantees Provided with a Purchase

As mentioned above, our customers can rely on the fact that all the wood we use is felled in winter. The winter-felled wood is dried for several years and comes from domestic spruce and fir trunks only. If necessary, the wood is additionally dried in our drying room at a low temperature. Every PERR hunting lodge is manufactured by trained staff in the Upper Bavarian village Riedering, close to Rosenheim. Furthermore they are delivered on schedule and, if requested, assembled with our support.

Our high-quality Bavarian carpentry and the manufacturing in Germany guarantee the long lifespan of our houses and cabins in block construction. On purchase you get traditionally manufactured log houses and log cabins in the dimensions you desire. In order to offer you a straightforward process, we supply our products as construction-kits for self-assembly. Of course, as mentioned above, they are also obtainable in combination with an assembly service, provided by our trained staff. On this way we reach a high level of customer satisfaction.

Icon: Bavarian high-quality carpentry

Bavarian High-Quality Carpentry

Icon: guarantee for domestic wood, felled in winter

Guarantee for domestic wood, felled in winter

Icon: air-dried wood

Air-dried for several years, for sure

All of our hunting lodges and hunting cabins do profit of the Bavarian high-quality carpentry. In combination with the winter-felled wood, that has been air-dried for several years, hunting lodges and hunting cabins in premium quality are created. A high level of customer satisfaction testifies the quality of PERR Log Houses.

Tips for Your Hunting Lodge or Your Hunting Cabin

Are There Any Requirements Concerning the Foundation of a Hunting Cabin?

With regard to the construction process and also to the durability of your hunting cabin, the foundation is playing a significant role. In order to prevent any altering of the wood and to make your prefabricated hunting lodge outlast centuries, the foundation should be even and very stable. A foundation made of concrete slabs is very suitable for that purpose.

If you have any other questions concerning your hunting lodge, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Which Aspects Should Be Considered When Buying a Hunting Lodge or a Hunting Cabin?

Initially, the exact dimensions of the hunting lodge are of great importance. The hunting lodge or the hunting cabin has to be tailored to the space and to the intended purpose.

For that reason we attach importance to talk to you individually about your specific hunting lodge or hunting cabin.

Are There Building Regulations That Must Be Respected?

In general, hunting lodges are to be constructed in the external undeveloped land since they are privileged construction projects according to the German construction law. There are few exceptions indeed. For that reason it is not prudent to start the construction without any building permit.

The construction of a hunting lodge is not valid for example if the hunter lives in the preserve or if there is overnight accommodation close to the preserve. Thus it is crucial to check if and where you can build up a hunting lodge, before you start to plan.

You Should Consider the Residual Moisture in the Delivered Wood

To prevent mildew and the entry of pests, it’s essential that the delivered wood for your log house contains little and evenly disturbed residual moisture. Moreover, dried wood is lighter and guarantees that the wooden construction does not alter anymore.

Get an ex work certification of the residual moisture by your supplier. The delivered block planks made of pinewood or spruce should have an residual moisture of about 16 %.

Can I Assemble the Hunting Lodge by Myself?

Basically yes. Possessing good manual skills you can consider a self-assembly by buying our construction-kit and assembling it by yourself. The assembly of the construction-kit for hunting lodges often takes less time than expected. Correct and detailed operating instructions are essential in that case. The construction-kits by PERR include exact and understandable construction manuals in German language.

If you’re not in possession of advanced manual skills in timber construction you can either get your log house assembled by our trained staff or request our carpenters assistance to support you with the construction. On this way you save time and make sure that the assembly takes place professionally.