Meinungen von Kunden

Feedback by Toni Steinmann, Switzerland

For some days a log house by PERR is standing in Uster now. We accomplished the assembly within 3 weeks only, due to your custom-fit manufacturing. The interior construction is still missing.
Everybody that has been participating is admiring the construction. Thanks to the company PERR – I am very satisfied with the construction.

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Feedback by Rüdiger Lange

Hello and good day,

I wanted to thank you cordially for the great log house you have delivered to Northern Hesse. It is standing in our garden, exactly like my wife and I have been imagining before and it has been admired several times already. I think this was not the last house you have been assembling in our region.

I’d also like to thank your carpenters Lorenz and Christoph. In terms of assembling, the cooperation between Bavaria and Prussia did work out very well. Also our carpenter Hans had great fun to assemble such a house together with your employees. Furthermore he liked the technical exchange with them.

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Feedback by Familie Huggler

My dear Family Perr, Christoph, Simon and Andrea Klebensberger,

The log house is standing and has turned out very well. The cooperation with your carpenters Georg and Xari was excellent. Georg was very competent and Xari was a pack animal par excellence.

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Feedback by Mister Engelbrecht

Our log house is experiencing its first winter now – in the mean time there is even a bit of snow. We enjoy the house and I think it is really standing at a proper place. We started using the sauna and we are amazed by the pleasant ambiance. In terms of the assembly everything went well: the delivery was in time, the weather conditions have been ideal – everything was perfect.

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