Assemble Your Log House or Your Log Cabin Yourself or Get It Assembled

History of Log Houses and Log Cabins

5000 years ago, the first log houses have been assembled. For that reason block construction is one of the oldest ways of massive wood construction. The processing of the renewable raw material wood has proved over thousands of years – again and again. A house made of solid wood offers stability, longevity and an incomparable room climate, all in one. » High-quality log houses are manufactured with spruce and fir trunks, that were felled in winter and have been air-dried for years. Those log houses defy in all weathers and can outlast centuries. Log houses are available either as construction-kits for self-assembly or you can get them assembled by your » log house manufacturer in different expansion stages or a finished state.

The History of Log Houses and Log Cabins

Good Reasons for the Investment in a Log House or a Log Cabin

  • Short construction period in every season
  • Environment-friendly processes in the factory
  • Easily reconstructable
  • Cost-efficient
  • High longevity
  • No notable drying period after the assembly
  • Optimal living climate because of the usage of conifer wood
  • Excellent energy balance – one saves enormous engergy costs

The Choice Between Different Construction Methods

The Weatherproof Assembly of a Log House

Our experienced carpenters take over the professional assembly of the log house or the log cabin. Thus, you as a client can use your time for more important things or spend it with your family for example.

You have the choice between different expansion stages: e.g. building envelope only, with or without brick ceiling, without floors, without windows, complete final assembly, a turn-key construction etc. Everything is possible.

Foreman Assembly with Personal Contribution

In case of a larger log house or a larger log cabin, we recommend you, to enlist the assistance of one or two of our skilled employees (carpenters) – at least until the roof truss is standing.

Your PERR Log House is delivered to the construction site in the form of a construction-kit.
Make sure, that you get delivered an understandable and detailed construction manual.

Assemble Your Log House by Yourself

With adequate manual skills and our assembly instructions you can easily assemble your log cabin, your garden or tool log house, as well as every other kind of log house, yourself. The PERR Log House is delivered to the construction site in the form of a construction-kit. You should consider to consult a carpenter. Thus you’re not completely on your own and don’t risk any costly mistakes in terms of the assembly.

Preparation for the Assembly of Your Log House

  • Firstly you should become clear about the question whether to get your log house built by the manufacturer or to assemble it yourself.
  • In terms of a self-assembly you should be aware of your time available.
  • The choice of the property ( quality of the soil, slope, groundwater level).
  • Please mind the development plan.
  • If necessary you should submit a building application to the competent authority.
  • If necessary, set up a building contract between the manufacturer and yourself as a client.
  • Clarify the financing with your bank.
  • Freedom to built (how to reach the construction site with trucks, cranes etc.).
  • If necessary take out insurances for the time before and after the construction period (e.g. principal’s liabilty insurance, fire insurance, glass insurance, homeowner’s insurance etc.).

Advantages of the Self-Assembly of a Log House

  • The greatest advantage in the self-assembly of a construction-kit is the cost efficiency. Through the enormous personal contribution of the client and his energetic friends or family the construction and labour costs can be reduced to a high extent.
  • Professional log house suppliers offer you an extensive and understandable construction manual with diverse practical tips.
  • Eventually you can even slip in your individual desires.
  • Before choosing a log house supplier you should make sure that you’re not left on your own and that you will be supported with advise also after the delivery has taken place.

Advantages of an Assembly by the Manufacturer

  • Convenient and without expenditure of time, thus relaxing for the client.
  • The professional assembly by the manufacturer leads to a higher degree of safety.
  • You get a professional assembly of your log house.
  • The high degree of expertise leads to a shorter construction period.
  • The customer can enjoy a relaxing and easy-going moving in the house of his dreams.

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