Manufacturing and Assembly

Manufacturing Process

  • After the debarking process and a first quality control, the wood is given a heart cut.
  • Depending on the contained starch, the tree-trunks dry for two to three years on stacks and, if necessary, they are additionally dried in a special drying room.
  • We attach the highest standards to our building material; unsuitable trunks are sorted out after drying, only flawless wood will be manufactured.
  • All longitudinal and corner connections are milled to the tenth of a millimeter by computer-controlled special machines.
  • All holes for power and installation lines as well as for threaded rods are drilled exactly according to plan.
  • Additional milling grooves are installed for sealing tapes.
  • Also for the framing of beams and the roof trusses round logs are used. They are perfectly fitted into walls and gables.
  • All walls are screwed with threaded rods several times, from the floor to the roof.
  • Windows, doors and stairs are delivered in excellent high-quality carpentry work. Our windows for residential homes are triple glazed with heat protection glass (UG 0.7).