Did You Know the Big Difference Between a Log House and a Block Plank House?

In this post we explain the differences between a log house and a block plank house.

Many people dream of a real log house with an excellent living climate. But what exactily is a real log house and how does one recognize it?

For a layman it’s not easy to deal with all the diverse suppliers and construction methods.The difference between log houses and block plank houses is hardly known among the interested parties. Unfortuneately, some customers find out what they bought only when delivery and assembly take place.

To inform our customers in an adequate way, we listed the most important characteristics, that distinguish a real log house from a block plank house, below.

Block Plank House

Log houses in general consist of a supporting structure made of block planks. However, in a block plank house, the block planks are a facade only and the scaffold is a construction of wooden frames, that is placed in front of the walls on the inside.

Houses like that are often sold as high-quality log houses. They are frequently promoted as „non-consolidating log houses“. That fact usually reveals the expert, that the promoted product is not a real log house.

Real Log Houses Do Consist of Stable and Solid Block Planks

A Real Log House

Real log houses are made of stable and massive block planks. The single beams are stacked onto each other horizontally.

Each beam is put up individually and the complete loads are directly taken down in the foundation via the interior and exterior walls.

Your Purchase Guarantee

All log houses by PERR are processed precise to the tenth of a millimeter on the most modern computer-controlled machines in Bavarian high-quality carpenter’s work.

In combination with air-dried and winter-felled wood, a durable and high-quality log house, stable in value, can be developed.

In Sum, One Can Say:

A block plank house is a prefabricated house made of wooden frames with a block plank planking.

Of course a solid wood log house is more costly than a block plank house, but its stability and longevity lead to a high degree of satistaction: you can enjoy spending time in your log house for centuries.

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