Animal Stables Made of Round Logs

A Good Feeling for Man and Animal

Cowshed, horse stable with horse boxes, goat shed, apiary, aviary – out of round logs we build the appropriate animal stables for your animals.
We also professionally manufacture hay warehouses and machine halls for you.

Our log houses are are characterized by the ideal combination of functionality, stability, efficiency and aesthetics. If you decide on a PERR Log House, you don’t have to compromise. There are (almost) no limits to their versatility.
The best manufacturing quality and selected spruce woods are the guarantee for a long lifespan for animal stables made of round logs.

We plan and build your log house according to your wishes, depending on the intended purpose.
You can choose whether you want your log house assembled by our experts or whether you want to get delivered a construction-kit for self-assembly

Examples: Animal Stables Made of Round Logs

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