Residential Log House Made of Round Logs

A House with a Very Special Living Climate

A residential round log house by PERR is ecological, energy-saving, natural and pollution-free. Thus it offers an excellent living climate and an extraordinary living comfort. Wood combines almost all the properties of a perfect building material.

If you want to purchase a home with comfort factor, a residential round log house by PERR is the right choice for you. It provides a welcoming, cozy atmosphere and regulates the air transport in a natural way. In summer it offers a cool whereas in winter a homely and warm indoor climate.

Trust in 30 Years of Experience in Log House Construction!

In our family-run business we are happy to advise and support you comprehensively and competently regarding the construction of the house of your dreams – made of wood. We are on your side from the first draft up to the final assembly of your log house. Together we plan the house of your dreams, respecting all your individual wishes. We take over the complete pre-construction drawing as well as the static calculations for your residential round log house. On request, we will be glad to manufacture the matching furnishings in our carpentry. High quality and meticulous workmanship are our top priority at all times!

Examples of Residential Log Houses by PERR

We manufacture the residential log houses according to the design description listed below.

  • Wohnblockhaus Spitzingsee
    Wohnblockhaus Spitzingsee
  • Wohnblockhaus Spitzingsee
    Wohnblockhaus Spitzingsee
  • Grundriss Wohnblockhaus Spitzingsee
    Grundriss Wohnblockhaus Spitzingsee

Residential Log House, Spitzingsee
Log Thickness 21 cm

Round Log House
Log Thickness 25 cm, Planned and Built According to the Client’s Ideas

Residential Log House at Lake Simssee
Log Thickness 25 cm

Residential Log House
Log Thickness 25 cm
Entrance Side with Carport Made of Round Logs

Residential Home
Log Thickness 25 cm, Only in the Ground Floor

Residential Log House at Lake Chiemsee
Log Thickness 25 cm

Residential Log House at Lake Königssee
Log Thickness 25 cm

Residential Log House, Schwoich
Log Thickness 25 cm

Residential Log House
Log Thickness 25 cm

Residential Home
Log Thickness 25 cm

Residential Log House, Lake Weitsee
Log Thickness 25 cm

Residential Home
Log Thickness 25 cm

The Steps on Your Way to Your Individual PERR Log House

After making contact we will inform you about our construction methods. We will explain the possibilities of the various wall structures, soil structures, doors, windows and roof structures. Then we need the building plans or a floor plan, so that we can make an accurate offer. If you do not have a concrete vision or plan for your new round log house yet, we will create a first draft for you on request. After you know about the different possibilities of our construction method, we determine together which positions are to be included in the offer. Of course you can get your desired log house by PERR also built as a square log house.

Costs of a Round Log House

An exact cost overview is not possible without a prior design planning or a pre-construction drawing. The prices will vary depending on the property conditions, the building site and the facilities of the house.

Price Examples for Log Houses

The costs include the walls, the storey ceiling with visible ceiling formwork, the roof with insulation and roofing works, doors and windows as well as balconies and stairs.

Not included are earthworks, foundations, heating and sanitary installations, soil structurs for ground floor and first floor as well as plumbing works and outdoor facilities.

Log house with approx. 60 m² living area approx. €85,000 excl. Vat.

Log house with approx. 90 m² living space approx. €110,000 excl. Vat.

Log house with approx. 120 m² living space approx. €140,000 excl. Vat.

Log house with approx. 150 m² living space approx. €170,000 excl. Vat.

Manufacturing and Assembly

After you have decided for our company, the pre-construction drawing is created. If you have your own architect, the planning can also be done on site. After the approval has been received, the structural calculations such as static and thermal insulation certificate are set up. In consultation with the heating engineer and the electrician, the construction documentations are prepared and transferred to the participating companies and the client for review.

Once the plans have been approved, the PERR Log House is milled and cut on computer-controlled special machines with millimeter precision. We drill all holes for power and installation lines exactly according to the plan.

Due to the high level of prefabrication of the PERR Log Houses, hardly any machining is necessary during assembly. This ensures fast construction progress.

Foreman Assembly or Weatherproof Assembly / Final Assembly

Foreman Assembly

Also the large log houses by PERR are delivered compactly in a construction-kit. In case of a larger log house, we recommend you, to demand our carpenters assistance – at least until the roof truss is standing. Getting assisted by 3-4 workers, who are comfortable with working on a rooftop, you’ll move on with the project soon.

Weatherproof Assembly / Final assembly

Your house is professionally assembled by our experienced carpenters. You can also choose between different construction possibilities, for example either the complete final assembly or only the assembly of the builiding envelope (with or without tile roofing) or the assembly without windows or without floors etc. We build your log house to the extent you request .

Design Description of Our Residental Homes in Block Construction

Construction-Kit Round Logs

Exterior and partition walls made of domestic, winter-felled pruce trunks with small annual rings (air-dried 1- 2 years and if necessary additionally dried in a drying room). Log thickness 25 cm, provided with our patented longitudinal and corner connection. All drillings for electrical lines and threaded rods as well as the needed sealing tapes are included. On door and window openings, vertical T-boards, 40 mm thick, including the needed sealing tapes, are milled on both sides.

Base Connection

The base connection must be made in such a way that the log house is protected from rising moisture and from splashing water.
Normally a wooden sleeper is located between the concrete slab and the round logs. It is also recommendable to cover the base connection with a metal sheet.


As with any other architectural style, there are also many possibilities for the soil structure. Either tiled floor, stone floor, parquet floor… or even floorboards made of solid wood can be laid. Our offer includes all solid wood floorboards, preferably in the bedrooms or in all other rooms where the natural floor is desired.

Ceiling Above Ground Floor

The very sturdy framing of beams is made of dried round logs, that are flattened at the top layer and neatly fitted into the walls, including the required sealing tapes. The soil structure consits of a visible ceiling formwork, made of tongue-and-groove boards, 19 or 28 mm thick – depending on the soil structure .
For the remaining soil structure there are a lot of possibilities again.
Our offer includes a natural soil structure. This is mainly laid in the bedrooms and the hallway. It consists of a vapour control layer, fibreboards 10 mm, acoustic panels 50 mm, a woodfibre insulating board with joint laths 40 mm, tongue-and-groove floor boards 26 mm. The entire soil structure is about 140 – 150 mm high.

Roof Truss

Saddle roof approx. 17-22 ° roof pitch or according to your specifications, very sturdy truss with tight rafter spacing for high snow loads; ridge, rafters, as well as their intermediate timbers, made of dried round log are neatly worked into the walls, including the required sealing tapes. On request, the rafters can also be created from squared timber.


It consists of a roof boarding made of 19 mm tongue-and-groove boards, including the required sealing tapes; 1 layer of roofing membrane, a on-roof insulation made of woodfibre insulating boards with waterproof top layer, a compensation waler (for the canopy area), boiler-pressure impregnated air and roof laths,
nail sealing tape between counter batten and insulation, insect protection at the eave, verge boards and fascia boards, clay roof tiles including verge and ridge tile as well as the matching wind suction protection.


For your residential round log house we use high-quality carpentered spruce doors. The exterior doors are with insulating core and triple lock. The front door can be manufactured with window and fixed side part. The interior doors can be made in a traditional way with filling or with a modern smooth door leaf.

Windows and Terrace Doors

We use high-quality carpentered spruce windows and French doors with triple heat protection glass (UG 0.7) including stable lining and panels as well as the required sealing tapes. There are many possibilities in the design of the windows. The elements can be one-winged or more multi-winged, manufactured with fixed glazed or in form of a sliding door.


The floorboards and the railings are made of mountain larch woods. Depending on the beam distance, the flooring is about 35 mm thick. The head rails, posts and rungs are made from round timber.
The balcony can also have a different look, according to the design wishes of the client.


In your residential log house we are assembling a high quality carpentered staircase made of domestic woods. Cheeks, handrail and railings are made of spruce woods and steps are made of beech wood.

Wooden Gutter

If desired, the gutter can also be made of wood. The wood gutter is mounted according to the size of the house with a diameter of 160 mm or a diameter of 210 mm. The gutter is made up of boiler-pressure impregnated spruce woods, including galvanized hooks.

Cross section residential home

You can also purchase roof slabs and insulation for floor and roof at your builder’s merchant according to our parts list. Price reduction on request.

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