Log Cabins and Functional Buildings in Square Block Construction

Hunting Lodges, Mountain Huts, Alpine Huts, Fishing Lodges

Also smaller log cabins and functional buildings in square log construction do offer lots of advantages.

We gladly plan and construct office buildings, restaurants, sales-rooms, forest huts, alpine huts, chalets, boathouses, fishing lodges, garages, shepherds huts, kiosks etc. in the size you prefer. Your individual dreams of a log cabin made of square logs come true with our assistance.

Day-Nursery in Block Construction – Click on the Image and Have a Look Around.

For the log cabins made of square logs we offer a range of wood thickness from 8 x 20 cm to 22 x 20 cm (in 2 centimeter increments) with double or rather triple tongue-and-groove connection.

We have experience and expertise with the assembly of wooden houses in impassable areas. If the accessibility is limited, the wooden parts can be transported to the building site by all-terrain vehicles or by a transport helicopter.

Examples of Log Cabins and Functional Buildings Made of Square Logs

Design Description of Our Log Cabins and Functional Buildings in Block Construction

Construction-Kit Square Log

Outer and inner walls made of glued, dried, planed and chamfered spruce woods, beams with 2-3 tongue-and-groove connection, edge connection with so called „Tiroler Schloss“, wall thicknesses up to 280 mm, inner walls are connected via dovetail connections with the outer walls, screw connection with threaded rods and required blockhouse tension springs, t-boards perpendicularly on both sides of door and window openings, sealing tapes on the corner and longitudinal connections, all holes for threaded rods and electrical lines. Alternatively: beams not glued with core or separated at the core.


Based on on site concrete slab with bitumen cover or point foundations
Consists of a base frame made of mortised square timber with dovetail connection, boiler-pressure impregnated or natural; a sub-floor with sub-floor paper or foil between the beams, a Perlite insulation fill, approximately 12 cm high; tongue-and-groove floor boards 24 mm thick, screed and tiles on site in the bathroom and toilet floor, a porch floor made of larch boards 25 mm thick.

Sleeping Loft

Located above the rear rooms.
It consists of dried, planed and chamfered square beams, neatly fitted into the walls, including the required sealing tapes; tongue-and-groove floor boards 24 mm and a railing made of round logs.

Roof Truss

The roof truss of log cabins and functional buildings by PERR is made of domestic winter-felled spruce, core-seperated square timbers, that are chamber-dried, planed and chamfered. Purlins, rafters as well as their intermediate timbers are neatly fitted into the walls, including the required sealing tapes – on request: slightly profiled in the canopy area.


It consists of a roof boarding made of 19 mm tongue-and-groove boards, including the required sealing tapes; 1 layer of roofing membrane, a on-roof insulation made of woodfibre insulating boards, a compensation waler (for the canopy area), boiler-pressure impregnated air and roof laths, verge boards and fascia boards and clay roof tiles including verge and ridge tile in natural red or anthracite.


We use a wooden gutter with 130 or 160 mm diameter that is boiler-pressure impregnated. Hand-forged galvanized hooks are included.


We use high-quality carpentered spruce doors; the exterior doors are planked on both sides, the interior doors come with padding. Stable lining and panels as well as the required sealing tapes are included. On request, the front door can be equipped with a small window

Windows and Terrace Doors

We use high-quality carpentered spruce windows and French doors with crossbars, double heat protection glass (UG 1.1) and folding shutters made of spruce. Stable lining and panels as well as the required sealing tapes are included.

Fixing Material

Continuous threaded rods, tension springs, screws, nails

You can also purchase roof slabs and insulation for floor and roof at your builder’s merchant according to our parts list. Price reduction on request.

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