Garden House Made of Square Logs

Garden Houses, Garden Sheds, Tool Houses and Tool Sheds Manufactured in Square Log Block Construction

With a PERR garden house in square log block construction, you have various possibilities of variation concerning the construction and furnishing of the garden shed or the tool house. Customize „the house of your dreams“ in your own garden according to your desires. No matter if you need storage for garden equipment and terrace furniture, if you want to set up a workshop or a party room or if you want your own sauna in the garden. With us you have found a competent and reliable partner for the realisation of your wooden garden house in square log block construction.

The following wood thicknesses are available for your garden house made of square logs: from 8 x 20 cm to 22 x 20 cm (in two-centimeter increments) with double or triple tongue-and-groove connection.

Garden house made of square logs

With our wide range of options for floor plans and interior design, the realisation of the „house of your dreams“ in your own garden can begin immediately. Whether you wish to have a particularly spacious terrace for cosy barbecue evenings or whether you want to offer your children another place to play and experience adventures – the garden houses by PERR are as diverse as their potential applications. Of course you can also set up a workshop in your garden house. Furthermore you could either have delivered an individual garden house made of round logs or a round log tool house .

You are interested in the garden houses made of round logs, but you do not live in Germany?
No problem! We also deliver to Switzerland, Austria, the Benelux countries and all other European countries.

Examples of Garden Houses and Tool Houses

More Information About Garden Houses Made of Square Logs

Directions up to approx. 40 km are included in the prices indicated. Information about directions in a distance of more than 40 km, can be requested by Phone + 49 (0) 80 36-34 46.

Unless there is no other instruction, the execution is carried out according to » The design description below.

Schnitt Gartenhaus aus Vierkantholz

Schnitt Gartenhaus aus Vierkantholz

Der Schnitt zeigt den grundsätzlichen Aufbau eines Perr-Schnitt Gartenhauses aus Vierkantholz, beispielsweise mit Tondachziegel als Bedachung.

Der Boden- und Dachaufbau kann beliebig Ihren Bedürfnissen angepasst werden.

Design Description for a Garden House Made of Square Logs

Construction-Kit, Square Log

Outer and inner walls made of glued, dried, planed and chamfered spruce woods, beams with double or triple tongue-and-groove connection; edge connection via so called „Tiroler Schloss“, wall thicknesses up to 280 mm, interior and exterior walls connected via dovetail connections, screw connection with threaded rods and required blockhouse-tension- springs, sealing tapes on the corner and longitudinal connections, holes for threaded rods and electrical lines. Alternatively: beams not glued, separated at the core


Consists of a base frame made of mortised square timber with dovetail connection, boiler-pressure impregnated or natural and tongue-and-groove floor boards 24 mm thick.

The porch floor is made of larch boards with a thickness of 25 mm.

Roof Truss

Saddle roof approx. 16-18 ° roof pitch or according to your specifications, very sturdy truss with tight rafter spacing for high snow loads; ridge, rafters, as well as their intermediate timbers are neatly worked into the walls.


It consists of a roof boarding made of 19 mm tongue-and-groove boards, double wind boards, one layer of roofing felt and 1 layer of bitumen shingles.


We use a wooden gutter with 11 or 13 cm Ø that is boiler-pressure impregnated. Hand-forged galvanized hooks are included.


We use high-quality carpentered spruce doors; the doors are planked on both sides. Stable lining and panels are included. On request, the front door can be equipped with a small window (surcharge).


We use high-quality carpentered spruce windows with double insulating glazing (UG 3,0) and folding shutters made of spruce. Stable lining and panels are included.

Fixing Material

Continuous threaded rods, screws, nails, window shutter mount.

Adjustments for Garden Houses Used in Winter and Tool Houses Made of Square Logs *


Sub-floor boards, boiler-perssure impregnated or natural; foil, Perlite insulation fill.


A compensation waler (for the canopy area), air and roof laths, boiler-pressure impregnated or natural; on-roof insulation hardfoam panels, sealing tapes on the corner and longitudinal connections, sealing tapes for windows and doors.

* for an additional charge

Garden house made of square logs – picture taken in winter

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